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What are the arrangements for consulting young people with SEN at Greenacres Primary School and involving them in their education?

All young people in our school are treated with dignity and respect.  Children with additional needs receive a Person Centred Plan (PCP) to enable them to experience success and appropriate challenge throughout their school life. We share the PCP with the child, using language they will understand to ensure they are aware of the outcomes to work towards. We also include a section for pupil voice, where pupils are able to give their views. Children with a PCP are invited to meetings with the SENCO to review their progress and set new outcomes, if appropriate. 

Regular ‘Pupil Voice’ activities are undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team, and include pupils from a range of abilities and groups, including those with special educational needs.

Pupils with an Education and Health Care Plan will contribute to their Annual Review, and the SENCO will ensure their views are listened to.