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What are the arrangements for consulting parents of children with SEN at Greenacres Primary School and involving them in the education of their child?

At Greenacres Primary School we strive to work in effective partnership with parents and carers as we recognise the importance this has on a pupil's personal development, academic achievement and emotional wellbeing. 

We operate an open door policy for communication, parents are welcomed to communicate with their child’s class teacher at the beginning or end of each day, or by appointment, in order to exchange any key messages. All parents of pupils at Greenacres Primary School are invited to discuss the progress of their child with the class teacher three times a year, and receive a written report once per year. In addition, we are happy to arrange additional meetings outside of these times, should a parent request one. 


As part of our normal teaching arrangements, all pupils will be provided with additional support and/or strategies to help them catch-up if the progress monitoring indicates that this is necessary; this will not imply that the pupil has a special educational need. If a child is experiencing difficulties, despite receiving QFT strategies, the class teacher will inform parents the child is to be monitored, and offer strategies to support the child at home. 


If a child is continuing to face difficulty, despite receiving enhanced support from our wave 2 provision offer, parents will be invited to an early discussion meeting with the SENCO. This meeting will take place when identifying whether the child needs special educational provision. If it is decided that a child will receive SEN support, a formal meeting will take place involving the SENCO, class teacher, parents, and child to ensure that:


•         everyone develops a good understanding of the pupil’s areas of strengths, difficulties and barriers to learning,
•         parents and childs views and wishes are to be recognised, and wherever possible, acted upon,
•         everyone understands the agreed outcomes sought for the child,
•         everyone is clear on what the next steps are.


It is at this point that a Pupil Centred Plan (PCP) will be drawn up in discussion with the parents and child. which will follow the cycle of Assess > Plan > Do > Review and will be closely monitored by the SENCO. A meeting between parents and the SENCO to discuss and review a child’s PCP will happen at least termly. Should outside agency support be appropriate, parents will be consulted and will usually meet with the professional carrying out an assessment on school site. Parents will be invited to meet with the SENCO and class teacher to discuss the findings of any report to review how provision can be adapted in school. 


If a child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), parents will be invited to annual review meetings, alongside other professionals involved and where possible, a member of Shropshire Local Authority. 


In addition, should parents wish to raise any further queries or questions about the SEND provision for their child, parents are welcomed to email the school SENCO Mrs. A. Knight - or arrange an appointment with the office.