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What are Greenacres Primary School’s arrangements for supporting pupils in transferring between different phases of education?

All transitions are well-planned for, both when children are admitted to our school from other settings and when they move on to their Key Stage 3 setting. A Transition Plan may be drawn up with the family and all of the other agencies involved.  This identifies the key needs of the child and creates a clear action plan to ensure that the transition is smooth.  The action plan is different for every child in response to their needs and is considered to be a working document that can be adapted to meet changing requirements during the transition period. 

For children entering our Nursery or Reception provision: 
Home visits are offered by the SENCO and class teacher to meet with parents and the child in their familiar home setting. If applicable, visits are also carried out to the previous nursery setting, should the child of attended, for an exchange of information with the child’s key worker. Every child will be invited to a number of induction visits during the term before they begin, which can increase in frequency depending on the child’s need. 


For children transitioning to a different class within school: 
Current teachers will hold meetings with the child’s new class teacher to share progress and discuss the PCP, along with other reports or information. Children will have a ‘taster day’ in their new class. Additional teacher-pupil meetings will be put into place if appropriate, and parents are invited to attend ‘back to school’ nights, where they are able to meet with their child’s new teacher. Where needed, ‘social stories’ are also used to support transition and pictures of the classroom and visual timetables may be sent home over the summer. 


For children transitioning to a different school: 
The SENCO will work with the prospective school SENCO to create a smooth transition plan, discuss SEND pupils’ needs and hand over key information.


For children in Year 6 transitioning to Secondary School: 
Greenacres Primary School works closely with our local secondary schools. Children will be visited in school by the Year 7 coordinators of their prospective secondary school to provide information about the new school and an insight as to what to expect. Meetings will be arranged between the SENCO, Year 6 class teacher and either the SENCO or Year 7 coordinator of the secondary school to discuss SEND pupils’ needs and hand over key information. Additional induction visits will be put into place if appropriate. We also work closely with the Mental Health Support Team who run transition workshops during the Summer term to help those children who may find the transition period particularly anxiety provoking. The Mental Health Support Team also work at our main feeder school, The Shrewsbury Academy, so are able to offer ongoing therapeutic mental health support to particular children, should they require it.