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Opening Times

                                                  The School Day


8.15 am -  Breakfast Club begins (Monday to Friday). The kitchen gate at the front of the school, the gate to Chevin Close and the external hall doors are opened and children may enter the hall.


8.30 am -  The Chevin Close gate and the kitchen gate at the front of the school are locked.


8.45 am -  Rutland and Chevin Close gates are opened for entry to school.


9.00 am -  Registration


9.00 am -  Start of the school day.


9.00 am -   Rutland and Chevin Close gates are locked. After this time, you will need to enter through Reception.


10.40 am- 10.50 am -  Reception, KS1 and KS2 playtime. The children are supervised by teachers or teaching assistants. Reception and KS1 children will be given free fruit during this playtime. KS2 children may bring fruit.


                                      12.00 pm – 1.00 pm -  Lunchtime. The children are supervised by lunchtime supervisors


                                      3.10 pm -   Gates open


                                      3.15 pm -   End of the school day.


                                      3.25 pm  - Gates closed.


                                       5.30 pm -  After School Club ends.



If you are delayed for any reason, or a different adult will be collecting your child, please inform the school.


 Emergency Closure

If there is an emergency closure of the school i.e. heavy snowfall, you are advised to listen to Radio Shropshire. Any closure announcement will be made before 8.15 am.