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Coronavirus Update

Dear parent/carer


As you are aware there has been increasing speculation about the possible closure of schools as part of HM Government’s effort to delay the spread of the Coronavirus.  Currently we have no more information about any potential closures than you do but we have been making preparations should such an instruction be issued by HM Government or Public Health England. These preparations allow us to meet some of the educational needs of children where they or family members have been advised to self-isolate,  when they are absent from school following the guidance sent out last Friday or if all of our children are absent should the school be instructed to close to pupils. This work is for children who, although they are not attending school, are otherwise fit and well.


Work will be put together for each class of children which, alongside several websites the children are already familiar with, will provide for a continuation of education at home. This is quite different to attending school and we realise that this places the task of supporting learning directly on parents and carers, but we must bear in mind that these are unprecedented times. A closure due to snow may last one or two days but any potential closure now may be much longer.


Each child not attending school but who is well will be provided with work and the addresses of the websites that we use in school. The following link is for our school Student Intranet on which the children can access the websites that we use in school.

This link will also be put on our school website for easy access. The teachers will be populating this with work for the children by Friday. Each class teacher has created a list of what learning the class was going to do for the rest of this term and you may choose to approach this in a variety of ways of your own choosing. We do appreciate that not everyone has access to the internet and so, if you request it, we have also included work on paper for children.


Should we have any news about any change to the current situation then we will contact you as soon as possible through Parent Hub.


We would like to send each member of our school community, your family and your friends our best wishes at this challenging time.


Yours faithfully,



Mr and Mrs Hey