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How does Greenacres Primary School evaluate the effectiveness of the provision made for pupils with SEN?

The provision made for pupils with SEN is coordinated by our school SENCO, who closely monitors the progress of pupils to ensure such provision is effective. The SENCO will also liaise with class teachers and teaching assistants, observe children in their learning and meet regularly with the pupil, to discuss the impact of the SEN provision. The SENCO regularly meets with the Head teacher and SEN governor who oversee the provision of special educational needs.

We evaluate the effectiveness of provision for pupils with SEN by:
1.    Reviewing pupils’ individual progress towards their targets outlined on their Person Centred Plan (PCP) at minimum each half term
2.    Gaining the voice of the child when creating or reviewing a PCP
3.    Gaining the voice of the parent/carer when creating or reviewing a PCP
4.    Reviewing the impact of interventions each half term
5.    SENCO, SLT and Governor monitoring through learning walks, book scrutiny and data analyst of school, local and national trends
6.    Holding annual reviews for children with an EHCP