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How does Greenacres Primary School and the Governing Body involve other bodies – including health and social care services, local authority services and voluntary organisations, in meeting children and young people’s SEN and supporting their families?

External support for children with SEND is coordinated by the SENCO and is responsive to the needs of the child. At Greenacres Primary School, we recognise the important role external services have in helping identify, assess and advising on provision to meet the needs of the individual child. 

These are some of the agencies we work closely with:
•    Learning Advisory Support Teacher (LSAT)
•    Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)
•    Mental Health Support Team (MHST)
•    Bee U (BEAM, Kooth, Children and Families Mental Health service) 
•    Occupational Therapists (OT)
•    Physiotherapists
•    Sensory Inclusion Service working with children with visual impairment and hearing loss (SIS), 
•    Educational Psychology Service
•    Habilitation Specialist
•    Smash Life
•    TMBSS
•    School Nurse
•    Strengthening Families
•    Education Welfare Officer
•    The Local Authority SEND Team
•    Social Workers
•    Family Support and Early Help Workers


Our trained family support worker is Jen Jones, who is able to carry out an Early Help Assessment to access further support from health care professionals and social services.