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How do we adapt our curriculum and learning environment to include pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities?

Greenacres Primary School has a clear framework for responding to SEND, and recognises that early identification and effective provision improves long-term outcomes for pupils. We work to ensure that our curriculum and learning environment is of high quality and personalised in the first instance to meet the individual needs of the children within our setting. 

A child may have needs in one or more of the following four categories: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Mental and Emotional Health and Sensory and Physical. Adaptions to the curriculum and learning environment are made according to individual need. At Greenacres Primary School, we have a clear graduated response which outlines our adaptions. This is known as our Waves of Provision. 


Greenacres Primary School is fully accessible for wheelchair users, being largely on one level. Where necessary, access ramps are situated outside classrooms. We have a purpose-built changing area in our school and disabled toilet facilities. We work closely with other professionals to provide bespoke equipment to support children with additional needs when they are admitted to our school or when they are identified as part of our assessment process. We follow advice from outside agencies and purchase resources that are recommended, as well as following specific programmes.


Our SEND policy, Accessibility Plan and Disability & Equality Policy are also available to view on our website.