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At Greenacres we value and celebrate diversities in all forms, knowing that this contributes to a greater understanding of ourselves.  Our policies, curriculum and pedagogy promotes the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect that embraces the diversities of belief systems and religions underpinned by the DfE’s guidance related to British Values.


We value the role that we have in preparing our children to play their democratic roles in adult life.  The democratic ideals of equality, freedom, justice and respect are embedded in the culture of our school, giving voice to our children as facilitators of their own learning.  Our children are empowered to explore issues, discussing and formulating opinions and respecting those that differ from their own. 


Our children are encouraged to be free thinking; taking risks and making decisions.  The dialogic teaching approach further enhances this as our children are provided with the opportunities to expand on their ideas, build and evaluate arguments and solve problems through talk and mutual respect which in turn empowers our children for lifelong learning and democratic engagement.            


At Greenacres we encourage our children to be open-minded, celebrating and embracing the diversity within our local community, country and wider world.  We teach our children about the wider world through engagement in our culturally rich curriculum, assemblies and through stories.  Our children are explicitly taught to question and respond to prejudice.