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Children's Work


What we are learning this term

In Maths  children are still learning the tables –the  constant revision and practise at home  that some children get is really helping.  

  Our English work this term will be more non- fiction based. The children have already started gathering information about animals they are interested in. They will be writing reports and learning how to write in paragraphs and how to use a wider range of punctuation and grammatical features. (I’m delighted that so many children remember to bring their weekly spellings back to school AND almost everybody brings in their Reading Diary every day. Thank you for helping with this! )


In Art we are looking at Stone Age art - particularly cave paintings -and using natural colours to dye fabric.


In ICT  we are still using Scratch but now the focus is more on typing and  general word processing skills



Our History  topic this term is called  Britain before the Romans   

This topic covers a vast stretch of time from Stone Age to Bronze to the Iron Age.  To help the year 3 children understand a little more we shall be reading Stig of the Dump and will be trying to recreate Stig’s dwelling in our classroom.


P.E. Outdoor and Indoor kit please. The children can wear tracksuit bottoms and hoodies if they think it is going to be cold.


Alongside our History work, we shall carry on learning about different faiths in the UK – particularly Sihkism.


Our Science topics this term are to do with materials and then plants and  growing things.