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Year 5/6


What we are learning this term


This term, children will have opportunity to write in role as a fairy-tale character using an informal style and language. They will be completing two narrative units of work and for non-fiction they will be writing biographies and information texts.

In spelling they will be building on previous learning. They will look at spelling patterns, root words, prefixes and suffixes. They will also learn about the way in which words are related to one another in word families. The children have weekly spellings to learn at home linked with the spelling activities they are doing in school. Handwriting will be linked with their weekly spellings.


This term in maths we will be working with the four operations in a variety of contexts. We will also be learning about place value, properties of shapes, fractions, capacity, statistics, decimals and percentages.


This term we will be studying 2 units of work in Science. 

The first topic will investigate keeping healthy.  We will look closely at the function of the heart, investigate pulse rates, and learn about the digestive system as well as discussing the human life cycle.  Our second topic will cover light.  They will understand that there are different light sources and that light travels in straight lines.  Through investigations they will explore shadows made by different objects, establish what materials form objects, explore patterns in the direction and length of shadows as the position of the light source is changed.  They will also use reflective surfaces to make a periscope.

P.E. will be covering Fitness and Yoga which will take place on Wednesday afternoons.  Your child will need to come to school wearing their appropriate school P.E kit every Wednesday.

In DT the class will be looking at building shelters.

RE will study baptisms and confirmations in Christianity, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in the Jewish Faith and the 5Ks in Sikhism.

Music will involve music appreciation based on a variety of music styles such as classic, motown and rock.

PSHE will cover the theme of Relationships.

In History we will by studying Anglo-Saxons.

In Art the class will explore mark making and drawing with a variety of media: pencils, drawing pens, oil pastels and soft pastels.

In Computing children will have opportunity to learn about online safety, spreadsheets and blogging.




The children are expected to read at home every night for at least 10minutes.  We also ask you to listen to them read every night as well as you reading to them.  Please can you sign the diary every time you hear your child read in the box for the day you have heard them.


They also need to practise their spelling every day at home.  A weekly spelling sheet will be handed out on a Monday for your child to complete at home.  From this sheet they are to learn the spellings at home to be tested on a Friday.  Your child needs to return the spelling sheet to school on Friday morning as it is homework.


Your child can also practice the Year 5 and 6 spellings and revise the Year 3 and 4 spelling list which is found in their reading.  The free website ‘Spelling Frame’ has a range of activities that can help your child learn their spellings.  Your child has been shown how to find activities on this website.


Maths homework requires the children to be working through units on ActiveLearn as well as practising their multiplication/division facts.  The website ‘TTRockStars’ is a good way for children to learn these facts.  All children know their passwords and understand how the website activities work.