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Reception/Year 1

Welcome to Reception/1!


In English we will be linking our reading and writing to our phonics, history, geography, science and other work in class.

In maths we will be learning about numbers to 20, 1 more and 1 less, properties of 2D shape, addition and subtraction, length and height, multiplication and division, fractions, positon and directions.

In science we will be identifying which things are living and which are non-living. We will move on to learn about animals, habitats and food chains. We will also be learning about electricity.

In geography we will be learning about different climates (polar, tropical, desert). After half- term we will start history and learn about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, World War 1 and the invention of the world wide web.

DT- Electrical circuits (Linking with science)

Art- Drawing and Printing

Music – Listen and respond.

PE- Fitness and dance

PSHE – Health, keeping safe, growing and changing

RE – Christian and Jewish faiths.

Computing - E-safety, effective searching. Lego builders


Base 2 have PE on a Friday.

Please bring you book bag to school every day. Please read at home every day.

How to support reading at home