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Base 2

Welcome to Base 2!


In our maths lessons this term we have a heavy focus on place value as well as addition and subtraction. The

children will learn about the value of each digit in a two- digit number. This will then lead onto adding and

subtracting multiples of ten and using subtraction and addition facts to 20. We will be learning to do all of this

mentally rather than relying on resources to help us.


In English we will be writing in sentences everyday. Each day we will share ideas, practise grammar and develop techniques. This will lead to a complete piece of independent writing. Our first topic is a non-chronological report about pirates. During this unit, we will be using a range of techniques including,  alliteration, subordinating conjunctions and onomatopoeia.


 In the first half term, our science topic is materials. We will be looking at the properties of different materials

and thinking about why different materials are used for different jobs. Later in the term our topic will change to Forces.



Visits and visitors

Our history topic this term is ‘Toys in the Past’. As part of this learning we will be visiting Weston Park to experience  a day in a Victorian nursery.


Important days

Thursday and Friday are our PE days this term but we ask that children leave their PE kit in school all week if possible.

Children can change their book when needed, they are asked to place their book on the unit inside the classroom and it will be changed as soon as possible.

The children will bring spellings home to learn every Friday. There will be a spelling test the following Friday.