Our school is situated on the northern side of Shrewsbury and was opened in 1976 to serve a new housing development on the Harlescott Grange Estate.  Having been a Grant Maintained school since 1994, it changed to Foundation status in September 1999. We have been a member of the Severn Community Cooperative Learning Trust and in June 2018 became a founder member of the Empower Trust, a multi academy trust consisting of seven Shropshire schools.


The School is set in its own extensive grounds with both hard and grassed play areas, and a significant forested area.  In 1996 the main part of the school was totally destroyed by fire.  It has been rebuilt and extended to include many facilities and areas.  These include a music/drama studio, food technology room, a library and many more improvements to the teaching areas. We have an ICT suite, and all classrooms have an interactive whiteboard and PC.   We have a very large site providing a range of environments for outdoor activities including a forest school site. There is a CAFÉ (Child and Family Environment) for meetings and Family Learning activities.


The school currently has 7 classes. In EYFS there is a Nursery and a Reception class.  In Key stage 1 there is a Year 1 class, and a Year 2 class.  In Key Stage 2 there is one Year 3 class, one Year 4/ Year 5 class and one Year 5 /Year 6 class. Teaching Assistants support teaching and learning of individual and groups of children, and also act as Learning Mentors, Nurture Group assistants. We also employ two Family Support Workers who we share with three other schools to assist with our work with partner agencies and families.


The school runs a daily breakfast club and a range of after school activities. 


Our Early Years Setting has 24 places, admitting children from the term of their third birthday, offering well planned, carefully structured and stimulating learning experiences.   Working with parents is an essential element in our Foundation Practice. We also organise regular parents meetings, workshops and home visits. The Non-statutory School age children are able to attend a lunchclub to link morning and afternoon sessions. This enables parents to have more flexibility with regards to when their child attends our Early Years Setting.


Our office is open every morning from 8.30 am, and closes at 4.30 pm each afternoon (4.00 pm on a Friday). If you have any queries about the school or need to make arrangements to visit, please contact Mrs. Vicky Roberts or Mrs Julie Moore.

If you need to speak to one of the head teachers, he or she is usually around every morning and evening. You can also book an appointment through the administrator, if you prefer.