Welcome to Base 2  

Children's Learning


What we are learning this term?

Over this term in maths we will be covering a wide range of maths objectives such as place value, the use of coins, time and addition and subtraction. The children will not only be learning about these areas within their maths lessons but we will be incorporating this learning into other areas of the curriculum such as science or topic lessons. A big focus will be problem solving, this will allow the children to show they can use the skills they have used within several different contexts.


Within literacy we will be continuing on from the autumn term where we focused on basic punctuation and checking our work makes sense. These skills are still very important but it’s now time for the children to begin to use a variety of different sentence types (such as commands, statements, questions and exclamation sentences), suffixes, adjectives for description and specification as well as a big focus on editing and improving their own work.


In the first half term our science topic is ‘Material’. We will be learning about different types of materials, what their properties are and why these properties are important. Later in the term our science topic will change to ‘forces’.



Visits and visitors

Our history topic this term is ‘Nurturing Nurses’ and we will be planning a trip or visitor relating to this within the latter half of the spring term. Watch this space for more information!

To help the children write about experiences that they have had we will be visiting Morrells Wood farm on Monday 28th January. The children will tour the farm and be able to experience life as a farmer, view the beef cattle and go on a scavenger hunt.



Important days

Monday is our PE days this term but we ask that children leave their PE kit in school all week if possible.

Year 2 are encouraged to be reading at home as much as possible to support their preparation for SATS. Please encourage your child to read their book 3 times and then they can change it (or more than 3 times if they have a longer book). They are asked to place their book on the cupboard just inside the classroom. Please write in your child’s reading diary to show they have read.

 As the children are reaching the end of Key Stage one they will begin to learn new spelling rules and patterns. It is very important for the children to embed these skills before they move onto the key Stage 2 curriculum.  The children will be given spelling homework on a Monday, these spellings will focus on either a spelling pattern or rule learnt that week, please support your child to also learn these at home. They are asked to return their completed spelling sheet into school on a Friday when they will complete a spelling test.