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Children's Learning     


What we are learning this term

 In our maths lessons this term we will be focusing on number, addition and subtraction. We will also look at 3D shapes, repeated pattern and money. Also, we will be using ‘Active Learn’ on the computers.

 In English we will be writing about Continents, Countries and Oceans, linked to our Geography topic, focusing on Australia. We will also look at the stories Dingo Dog and the Billabong Storm and The Crocodile Under the Bed. We will be improving our letter formation and sentence skills.

 In the first half term our science topic is being healthy. We will be looking at personal hygiene, healthy eating, germs and teeth. Later in the term our topic will change to sound.


Visits and visitors

We will be having a visit from ‘the animal man’ this term and he will be bringing some animals that usually live in Australia for us to see.

We were lucky enough to go to the West Mid Safari Park before Christmas to see Santa and also all the animals there before we started our Geography topic this term looking at Continents, Countries and Oceans.

Important days


Tuesday and Wednesday are our PE days.


Spellings are sent home on a Monday and tested on a Friday.


Children can change their book when needed, they are asked to place their book in the green basket by the curtain and it will be changed as soon as possible. We encourage children to change their book once or twice a week.